Celebrating St Patrick’s Day 2018





The bees are on their way, keep your eyes peeled for our new beehive that should be in our garden from next week. Our bees are native sting less bees and this is another fantastic opportunity to teach our children about nature and the importance of the survival of bees. 19/02/2018


Celebrating Australia Day


The children and Educators have had a great week celebrating Australia Day! We had a special morning and afternoon tea menu this week which included a sausage sizzle and we made lamingtons as a treat.
There were lots of craft activities, books and songs this week all with an Australian theme.

This week we are celebrating




We hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year break!
Welcome to all the new families starting with us this year! We hope you are settling in well and we look forward to getting to know you in the coming weeks.
To all our returning families it is lovely to see you all back for 2016!


LCOCC is a finalist in the North Shore Local Business Awards!


We are very proud to announce that we have been nominated as a finalist in the North Shore Local Business Awards. We have been lucky enough to win this award before, back in 2009. Needless to say we are thrilled and feel honored to have made it to the finals again. Winners will be announced on Wednesday 11th November.


Finding treasure!


The Gum Tree room have returned back to their letter of the week. This week we focused on the letter X. Children and Educators came up with the idea of making a treasure map – X marks the spot! Today we created a treasure chest and drew a map. Next week we will go for an adventure to find the treasure!

Our treasure chest

Our treasure chest

Igloo project


After a few attempts of building our igloo we are still making some amendments and it is a work in progress. Please continue to bring in your 2L milk bottles. If any parents or siblings would like to volunteer to help us build the igloo your help would be greatly appreciated!!

Ii is for igloo Building the igloo has been a big job!

Ii is for igloo
Building the igloo has been a big job!

Learning about dental hygiene


Family input showed that a few of the children in the Gum Seed’s class were currently learning to brush their teeth. The Gum Seed’s Educators extended upon this by teaching the whole class about dental hygiene. The Gum Seed’s all had a turn of brushing the ‘big teeth’. They also read stories about the dentist and sang songs about brushing your teeth.

Learning about dental hygiene

Learning about dental hygiene

Gum nut’s program


The Gum Nut’s Educators are in the process of changing the class room setting and resources to create a more natural and warm learning environment. Our aim is to provide a friendly and ‘homely’ environment. One way to achieve this is to have family photos displayed.
We have asked our families to send in their family photo’s and also tell us ‘What does family mean to you?’. Some responses we have received include:

“Family means being there for each other through the ups and downs. They are the people who care for you, look after you and make you feel safe”

“Family means lots of laughter, kisses and cuddles. It also means spending lots of quality time together”

“Family to us means lots of long care trips and plane trips! We have lots of family interstate so while we do not see our family very often, when we do see each other our visits are full of lots talking, laughter and love”

Thank you to our families for their input!

Dinosaur Dig!


Last week we had a visit from Rangers on the Run who brought in their Dinosaur Dig panel for the children to enjoy. The children had lots of fun pretending to dig for dinosaur bones. The discovery of the dinosaur bones sparked lots of curiosity from the children. Educators extended the children’s interest in the bones by discussing the different types of dinosaurs and each dinosaurs history.

Dino Dig!

Dino Dig!

Dino Dig!

Dino Dig!

New toilets in the Gum Tree’s room


The installation of 2 new toilets and a hand wash basin in the Gum Tree’s room is now complete! We would like to thank all our families for their patience during this renovation. We are thrilled with the finished product.

Gum Tree's new toilet

Gum Tree’s new toilet

Celebrating NAIDOC week


To celebrate NAIDOC Week (National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee), all the children in the Centre gathered together to enjoy a campfire in the yard. In discussion with the children, the Educators and children decided to roast marshmallows on the campfire enjoying the warmth of the fire on a chilly winter day with their friends. We introduced Aboriginal music and talked about Aboriginal culture.

Taking the learning outside and sitting by the campfire

Taking the learning outside and sitting by the campfire

Welcome Lily!


We sadly had to say farewell to our little chicken, Daffodil, on Friday.

A small dog came into our yard on Friday and hurt daffodil. A trip to the vet confirmed her injury was too severe to treat and we made the difficult decision to put put her down. Poppy is fine but very lonely, missing her friend.

The children are aware of the situation with the dog attack and that Doffodil is no longer with us. The children have been discussing the issue and are telling each other where Doffidil is.

Today we welcome our new chicken, Lily. The children picked her name during this past week in anticipation of her arrival.


As part of our commitment to providing your child the best early learning experience, we would like to introduce Kindyhub.

Essentially Kindyhub is a digital communication tool, allowing us to easily share your child’s daycare experience with you at the end of each day. Our carers capture your child’s achievements throughout the day via Kindyhub with photos, notes and stories. Kindyhub saves us time, in-turn allowing us to spend more time with your child.

As a parent you will be send email to have access to a snapshot of what your child does throughout the day, with photos, a daily overview from your child’s group and the learning outcomes they met. In future the snapshot will be sent to an app you can install on your smartphone.

Weebly Education for Gum Trees Room

We have set up our monthly programs on the educational website.
This website is full of information about our program. It includes links to games, crafts, apps, songs and rhymes, incursions, science experiments and all discussions in the room.

The class website also provides a space for parents to share any educational information about children’s learning.

The Goal of the website is to provide a small community network for educators and Parents in Gum Trees.

This website is available to Families who use our service.

From Educators Gum Trees.

Website created by Lina (Lolina) Haron Aljasin

We have purchased the following in 2014

  • A Computer for the office. Our old one crushed.
  • A new main computer for the office (This was in great need for we needed an updated computer/system).

LCCOC Secures Grants for Renovations

LCOCC would like to thank Anthony Roberts MP from the NSW government who secured and presented us with $60,000 for our planned renovations.

Lane Cove Council has also approved $45,000 for LCOCC’s renovations.

LCOCC gives an extra thank you to our council representatives for all their support and help with ensuring our funding gets approved. Thank you to Pam Palmer and David Brooks-Horn.

Thank you to our dedicated Parent Committee members for all their hard work in the past, present and future.

Thank you to Donavan Melloy for organising quotes for the renovations.