Gumnuts 2.5-4yrs

The Gumnuts room caters for children from 2 years of age up to 3 and a half. The Gumnuts room has one full time University trained Early childhood educator, two full time certificate 3 educators and one part time diploma educator.

Gumnuts Philosophy

We believe in providing interactive learning environments which give opportunities for children to engage in collaborative projects based on their interests and develop relationship and interactions with others.

Our curriculum and program empower children to make-meaning and develop their sense of agency and self-independence. We provide consistent support for children in developing their social emotional development by fostering their self-regulation.

Partnership with parents and families becomes the foundation of our developing program and curriculum.

Gumnuts Vision

The Gumnut program encompasses a rich and vibrant program that integrates early literacy and numeracy elements in the program. The environment is rich with literacy components providing opportunities to explore and investigate prints in their environment. Children explore through interactive learning experimenting and investigating areas of interests. Children’s learning is developed through play based learning and extended from interests or strengths observed with educators and experiences that occur at home. Educators collaborate with families to deliver continuity of learning in the child’s home setting. There is a strong emphasis on the partnership with families. We encourage families to partake in the development on the program. Educators collate information and resources from our parents in planning efficiently for the child. Family feedback is critical in building a curriculum for our Gumnuts. Parents actively contributes to the child’s experience by providing feedback to educators about events/ things that are happening at home. Educators work together to achieve goals with families.
Educators facilitate learning through a range of different teaching strategies e.g. spontaneous, planned and intentional teaching opportunities for children to develop knowledge on areas of interest. We have a creative team of educators who research alongside children to plan encouraging our young ones to be part of the decision making process. Children have a voice in the room and their ideas and thoughts are recognised, shared and extended accordingly. Educators provide choices and a sense of agency in the room.. It is foremost important to use their words. Children are perceived to be decision maker in their small community at Lane Cove Occasional Childcare Centre.