Gum Trees 3.5 -5yrs

The Gum Trees room caters for children aged 3.5-6 years. The Gum Trees have 3 dedicated Educators – one University trained Early Childhood Educator (full time). Two Diploma trained Educators (part time).

Our pre-school program reflects the ‘voices of the children’. We provide a child-centre approach to learning where experiences are extended from the children’s interest.

Children learn to investigate through play. They learn to discover wonder and curiosity in the environment and make connections of theories and though process through play. Children learn to co-construct meaning and research alongside educators to gain knowledge and information in a collaborative environment. The preschool routine encompasses circle time (focus on letter of the week), music and movement (circle games, singing and dancing), munch and move, story time, science experiments, literacy experiences, numeracy experiences, craft experiences, cooking experiences, gardening, library excursions and provocations of learning. These experiences and learning are integrated through the Early Years Learning Framework.

School readiness program

“School readiness is a child’s ability to be ready to learn”
Our program aims to equip children in developing their self-interdependence in social emotional, cognitive, physical competencies for a positive transition to school. Early Years Learning Framework is our hearbeats in accompanying children’s learning. Our curriculum is based on building children’s strengths and interests through family inputs, which encompasses all experiences, events, interactions to foster children’s learning and development. WE actively promote children’s learning through challenging experiences and interactions that foster high-level thinking skills.
Our pedagogical practices are based on providing a flexible learning opportunities for children to accompany their diversity of dynamic, complex, holistic, creative and linguistic aspects of learning.
Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths (STEAM) are all intricately interwoven an interrelated with literacy and numeracy in our curriculum and program to support children’s inquiry based learning.

LCOCC is community based Centre so we encourage our families for suggestion to help us develop a rich and resourceful program for the children and families in our community.

Gum Trees Philosophy

We believe in providing an open-ended opportunity for children to express themselves, through an educational play-based program, which accompany and support them in their journey of learning.

We view children as active protagonist participants and we acknowledge each child’s individual capabilities and uniqueness and value their voices as part of the community.

We believe in genuine partnership with parents and families as the foundations of understanding children for the continuity of their learning and transitions.