Grants and Donations

Lane Cove Occasional child care would like to thank Lane Cove Council for their Continuous support in their generous Grants over the years.


Community Grant ($1941) from Lane Cove Council. This money was used to purchase outdoor equipment.


Sustainability Small Grants Program ($990) from Lane Cove Council to upgrade our chicken house

Community Grant ($1054.90) from Lane Cove Council. This money was used to buy new tables for each class room.



Yorkie Advertising assist in the creation of our new website.


2013 – 2014

Finacial Assistant Grant Lane Cove Council Donated $1300.00. This money went towards our new security door bell with cameras.


Sustainability Small grants Program $927.38 was donated by Lane Cove Council to improve our Vegetable Garden.


LCCOC Secured Grants for Renovations LCOCC would like to thank Anthony Roberts MP from the NSW government who secured and presented us with $60,000 for our planned renovations.

Lane Cove Council has also approved $45,000 for LCOCC’s renovations.

LCOCC gives an extra thank you to our council representatives for all their support and help with ensuring our funding gets approved. Thank you to Pam Palmer and David Brooks-Horn.

Thank you to our dedicated Parent Committee members for all their hard work in the past, present and future.

Thank you to Donavan Melloy for organising quotes for the renovations.