Fees and Bookings

Our regular long day care service runs from 7.30am – 5.00pm.

Occasional care hours are from 8.00am – 3.55pm where you can book full day, half day or hourly spots. Occasional care families are able to take advantage of the extended hours of care for an additional cost and must be requested at the time of the initial booking. Due to staffing and ratio requirements, the centre may not be able to accommodate all requests for extended care hours and places will be allocated as received. Bookings can be made at any time and are taken by phone from 8.00am till 4.00pm and by email. If you leave a message on the answering machine please double check your booking.

There is a $75 membership fee when you start attending the Centre which includes a hat for your child. The membership fee is charged on a yearly basis and is $65 each year thereafter.


Gum seeds 6wks- 2 yearsTime slotRate
Regular booking7:30 - 4:55pm$123
Occasional8:00 - 3:55pm$116
Occasional Extended hours7:30 - 4:55pm$124
Morning8:00 - 12:30pm$75
Afternoon1pm - 4:55pm$75
2 hour slot 8:00-10:008:00 - 10:00$55
2 hour slot 10am -12pm10:00 - 12:00$55

Gumnuts 2.5 years - 4 yearsTime slotRate
Regular booking7:30 - 4:55pm$118
Occasional8:00 - 3:55pm$114
Occasional Extended hours7:30 - 4:55pm$119
Morning8:00 - 12:30pm$74
Afternoon1pm - 4:55pm$74
2 hour slot 8:00-10:008:00 - 10:00$52
2 hour slot 10am -12pm10:00 - 12:00$52

Gum trees 3.5 years - 5 yearsTime slotRate
Regular booking7:30 - 4:55pm$115
Occasional8:00 - 3:55pm$110
Occasional Extended hours7:30 - 4:55pm$116
Morning8:00 - 12:30pm$72
Afternoon1pm - 4:55pm$72
2 hour slot 8:00-10:008:00 - 10:00$50
2 hour slot 10am -12pm10:00 - 12:00$50

The occasional care service is not funded for child care benefit or child care rebate. LCOCC is a registered service to enable you to claim childcare benefit/rebate from the Family Assistance Office for regular long day care positions if you are eligible. ( PH 13 61 50 )