The role of the Parent Management Committee is to oversee the work and activities of the Centre. Past Committee members have found it to be an extremely rewarding experience. Following is a list and role description for each position. If there is one that suits your skills and your are interested in getting involved nominees are normally requested in September of each year and then elected at the Annual General Meeting (A.G.M) in October.

Current Committee Members
Anna Hall – President
Scott Bennison – Auditor
Michael Kingston – Treasurer/Public Officer
Nathan Johnson – Policy Officer
Brendan Hood – Capital Works Officer
Sharon Heaton – Fundraising officer
Trudy Ricketts – Secretary
Eileen Behan – Newsletter Editor
Joan Khoo – Staff Liaison Officer
Rick D’Amica – Staff Liaison Officer
Eleanor Pearson – Committee member
Katie Simpson – Committee member
Karola Brent – Lane Cove Council Representative
Sue Vasilopoulos – Nominator Supervisor (LCOCC Director)

Committee Positions

President: The Presidents role is to chair meetings, prepare the agenda, to ensure correct procedures are followed and to liaise with the Director and Community groups. They are also responsible for overseeing the sub committees.

Vice President: The role of the Vice President is to assist the President with their duties and to act as president in the event of the President absence.

Committee Members: The role of a Committee Member is to support office bearers and to attend monthly meetings, to move, second and vote on motions and to participate in sub committees as required.

Treasurer: The role of the Treasurer is to maintain accurate records of income and expenditure, prepare monthly statements for committee meetings, organise accounts for the yearly audit, prepare the yearly budget to pay the accounts and staff wages.

Newsletter/Website Editor: The role of the Newsletter/Web editor is to collate, edit, type and photocopy the newsletter for distribution and to update website as needed.

Fund Raising Co-ordinator: The role of the Fund Raiser Co-ordinator is to organise an co-ordinate fund raising events and to oversee the wok of their team. They are also responsible for collecting and banking funds that are raised.

Secretary: The role of the secretary is to assist the President in drawing up the meeting agenda, keep minutes and maintain records.

Social Events Co-ordinator: The role of the events Co-ordinator is plan and organise social events through out the year.